Beckley Post-Herald from Beckley, West Virginia (2024)

SIXTEEN BECKLEY POST-HERALD, RECKLEY, W. THURSDAY MORNING, Beckley Armed Forces Recruiters Enlist 66 During June; Draft Board Takes 21 lett for recruit training with U. Marine according to SSgt. Gene Wilbur GySgt. Emory Elswick: James C.

Thompson of Beckley, two years: James K. Tingle of MacArthur, four years: Ronald A. Pruitt Quinwood, three years: Robert L. Bowles of Charleston, two years: William L. Jr.

of Red Star. three years; Hughie E. Stover of Clear Creek, two years, and Carlos A. Caceres Hinton, four years. Enlisting under the "Buddy Properman S.

were: Diehl of Beckley, four years; Michael Jackson of Beckley, two years; Robert Godbey of Mabscott, years; George 0. Gill of Mabscott, four years, and Roger D. Hedrick of Maplewood, four years with aviation guarantee. ENLISTING during June and scheduled to depart for recruit training at a later date under the 120-Day Delay Program A. Barker of Forrest Hill, two years; Clyde D.

Decker of Clear Fork, four years with aviation guarantee; Danny W. Richardson of Crab Orchard, four years, and Gary L. Massuccy of Meadow Bridge, two years. Barker and Decker will depart on Sept. 22, Richardson will leave on July 14, and Massaccy's military career began on Tuesday, July 1.

Persons enlisting in the MC Weather (Late Forecast CONDITIONS The United States Environmental Science Service Administration (ESSA) Weather Station at the Raleigh County Memorial Airport that the highest temperatures recorded during the 24- hour period ending at 8 p.m. Wednesday was 82 degrees at 3:30 p.m. and the low was 59 degrees at 1:30 a.m. The highest relative humidity was 98 per cent at 3 a.m. and the low was 47 per cent p.m.

was no precipita-1 tion. winds were northerly at 12 mph at 6 p.m. Winds at 8 p.m. were northerly at 6 mph. The barometric pressure was 30.09 and steady.

The 8 p.m. temperature was 73 degrees. Visibility varied from 1 to 15 miles. Today, the sun will rise at 6:07 a.m. and will se at 8:50 p.m, STREAM CONDITIONS Greenbrier River: Normal and clear.

Lake Bluestone: Normal and clear with 1.8 gates open. New River gauge at Hinton: feet. Charged With Breaking, Entering 22-Year-Old East Beckley Man Waives To Raleigh Grand Jury Beckley Police arrested Colbert Parrish, 22, of East Beckley, at 12:25 p. m. Wednesday on charges of breaking and entering.

Parrish waived to the grand jury in a preliminary hearing before Town District Magistrate Joe Rodriguez. He was remanded to the county jail in lieu of $2,000 bond. He is charged with the June 22 theft of several articles of clothing from Sun Ray Cleaners on South Fayette Street. City police cited three persons Wednesday for red light violations and ordered them to appear in city court to answer the charge. Cited were Dennis Lee Lindsey, 18, of Hinton; Royce K.

Ragland, 25, of Ellis Grove, Barbara L. Seymour, 40, of 106 Ridge Road, Maxwell Hill. David Oran Toney, 22, of Artie, was arrested by city police for passing on the right and Dallas R. Burgess, 18, of 127 Frontier St. was cited for A stop sign violation.

A Cleveland, Ohio man, Charles David Sheppard, 24, was charged with five counts early Wednesday by Beckley Police. Sheppard was booked in the Raleigh County jail at 3:05 a.m. on charges of driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, carrying a dangerous deadly weapon, destruction of property, and indecent exposure. C. Ernest Shumate, Mount Hope, was jailed by a Raleigh County constable at 9:15 p.m.

on a nonsupport warrant. Shumate was released after posting a $500 property bond to Magistrate Rodriguez. The first oil-carrying pipeline in the U. S. was built in Pennsylvania in 1865.

of milk Victor: of Danny Joe John LouderProsperity; Harvy of 1730 Temple Hinton; Thomas Adrian Thorne of Daniels; Howard Raymond Taylor of Jodie; C. E. Conner of Cool Ridge: John D. Crum of Peltus: Donald Austin Cole of Eccles; Roger A. Davis Whitesville: and Wendell Nolan Steele of Strect, Beckley.

Re-enlisting were Henry James Wade of Alderson. first class quarter master with 141 years prior service. and Truman Eugene Armstrong East Gulf, as a seaman class, with four years service. RECRUITS FOR the Army. according to SFC Gerald L.

Burba, and their choosen fields Diana Hanna of Stanaford. clerk typist: Sandra Kimberly, medical: Carlai The U. S. Armed Forces in Beckley enlisted futoraandi persons during registrants were selected for service by Local Draft Board No. 1 A breakdown show's that 17 in men the enlisted U.

S. and Navy; two re enlisted and three women in the Army; 16 in the Marine Corps and 13 entered the Air Force. THE FOLLOWING men were enlisted into the U. S. Navy at the Beckley Recruiting Sub Station, Chief Russell Ramsey reports: David Michael Coleman of Crab Orchard; James Edward Tucker Creek; Randy Craft of Lewis Street, Rupert; David Timothy Craft Lewis Street, Rupert: Raymond Lee of Mabscott; Gary Allen Nelson of Beard; Andy R.

White of Gauley; Kenneth Ray Schwartz! Poland of Reckley, operating room specialist; Alexander Ross of Gauley Bridge, officer candidate school: Gary Wayne Russell Naoma, officer machines repair; Emmil Bailey of Mount Nebo, of Shady Spring. Arthur, drafting; military police; Harvey Freddie Lewis Grose of Belva. mechanics: Robert Booze of Lewisburg. mechanic; Carl liefner of Frankfurt, engineer equipment repairman; Chandus Torren of Prince, clerk: Dennis Brewster of Crab airborne; Richard! of Beckley, medical; Stancher of Spencer. medical; Upton Hodge of Alderson, Regular Army, three years; Freddie Jackson of Summerville, Delmar Tanner of Scarbro, and John Smith of Deep Water, Regular Army, two years each.

THE FOLLOWING men have RMS Captain Departs Seven Couples Vietnam Seven Given couples have Divorces been For Duty In granted divorces in orders signed by Raleigh County Circuit Court Judge C. Berkley Lilly. Decrees were awarded to Judy Lynn Monroe from Kenneth Ross Monroe, with the plaintiff awarded custody of one child; Harley Leevern Blevins from Diana Jean Blevins, with custody of one child awarded the plaintiff; Linda Diane Brogan from James Lee Brogan, with plaintiff's maiden Toney, restored; Majesty Madeline Toney Reedy from Jackie Lee Reedy I with custody the of two plaintiff children; awarded Linda Rae Hylton Taylor from Luther R. Taylor, with plaintiff's former name, Hylton, restored; Michael Edward Cochran from Judy Gale Mayes Cochran, and James Ray Carter from Wanda Childers Carter. SHOT PAYS OFF DENVER (AP) One swing of a hockey stick won a new automobile for Charles Horner, 19-year-old junior college student from the Denver area.

He the first holder of a lucky ticket to knock a puck 120 feet ing in a rectangle of plyboard the ice and into a inch openfastened over the goal. This was a regular feature between periods of Denver Spurs games in the Western Hockey League. Keystone Boys State Counselor speaker was Capt. Melvin Jones, U. S.

Army Recruiting Main Station, who left Beckley June 30 for his second tour of duty in Vietnam. A native of Raleigh County, Capt. Jones was graduated from Mark Twain High School in 1954. He entered the Army from Beckley in 1959 and served four years as an enlisted man. In 1963 he completed the Army's Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Infantry.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Jones of Sophia.

His wife, the former Billie Morris of Sophia, and their two sous will remain in Beckley during his overseas tour. Beckley Drivers Offered Warning About 2,000 persons have not purchased their city driver's licenses, according to Beckley Police Chief W. A. Teubert. Teubert said road blocks will be set up next week to check motorists for the licenses.

He said the fine for driving without city license dr ranges from $21.50 to $50. They may be purchased at city ball during regular business hours. and Dr. Joseph Garanonis, experience in mock situations director of KBS. Sepkowski of government, is held at University, Park, is a therapist at the Beckley Penn.

With are Veterans Administration (from left) Peter Toloczko, Hospital. The camp session assistant director of KBS, is designed to give youths GRAY th Beckley Crab Orchard Road LUMBER Beckley CO. OPEN 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. JULY 3, 1069 thelunder tratte "Buddy Program" will together at Parris Island, S.

C. Men enlisting the aviation guarantee will receive intensive training, after completion of recruit training, in the aviation field. This training will be conducted Memphis, or Jacksonville, Fla. ACCORDING TO TSgt. Jim McCormick, the following men entered the Air Force during June: Robert.

Hunter of Beckley, administration; Guiseppe Wallace mechanics; of Summerlee, Oceana, mechanics; James E. Hutchens Jr. of Sprague, general; Ralph W. Johnston administration; Robert B. Smith of Hinton, administration; Lester, Charles general; W.

Canaday, G. Mason of Beckley, administration; jonn W. Cavendish of Fayetteville, electronics; Tommy J. Kinder of Pettus. electronics; Ronald A.

Clark of Amherstdale. mechanics; Kenneth E. Clay of Surveyor, general; and Herbert K. Cruse Jr. of Rupert, mechanics.

INDUCTED into the Armed Forces during June were: Cleo Pemberton, Billy D. Sparks, Stephen F. Fielder, Raymond B. Keffer, Ruben I L. Adkins, Charles R.

Sarver, John H. Clark, Harry R. Whitehead, Ronnie J. Williams, Teddy Peters, Jimmy D. Harvey, Harold D.

Adkins, Walter H. Harper, Harold D. Bragg, John W. Clair George E. Claytor, Floyd W.

Adkins, Jerry D. Dunkley, Toney D. Diciviccio, Jesse M. Campbell and Vernon A. Jones.

Proposed The Neighborhood Shopping Center proposed for the Maxwell Hill area will be similar to the building pictured above. James Lilly, on whose property the center will be built if approved, petitioned the Raleigh County Board of Zoning Appeals Wednesday to change the zoning of the site from rural to commercial. (See Story on Page 1) Bluffdale, was founded in 1820 by six families from Vergennes, Vt. Wednesday Livestock Sales Total $9,938.91 Sales at the New River Livestock Market Wednesday totaled $9,938.91 with 127 head of livestock being sold to 63 consigners and 56 buyers. Market Manager Minor Scott reported that last week's sales totaled $9,522.46.

The following were the prices the livestock brought: Butcher cows commercial, $19.75 to utility, $17.25 to canner and cutter, heavy heifers utility, $20 to light per head, $92 to $122; heifer calves per head, common, $17; Cows and calves per head, $177.50 to $256; feeder steers good, common, $22.50 to Raleigh Deeds R. Shrewsberry and Edna Shrewsberry to Leonard C. Hanna Jr. and Wilda Mae Hanna, $600 for Lot 327 of Shady Grove Fams Addition to Shady Spring. Larry Dean Webb to Homer Lemon and Coretta Webb Lemon, voluntary partition between heirs concerning property in Marsh Fork District.

Town and Ilinois are the two largest corn producing states. light bulls medium, light bulls per head, $101 to $103; commercial bulls medium, veal calves good, $35 to $37; medium, $34 to coon, $26 to $33; Baby calves per head, $48 to $51; number one hogs, $26 to number two hogs, $25; heavy hogs, $24 to $25; light hogs, sows, $19 to boars, pigs per head, $5 to $15; horses, $40; mules, ponies, $24 to $54; chickens 50 to 60 cents, and rabbits, 60 cents. 04 Maxwell Hill Shopping Center "Goodbye. I'll see you on the Fourth of July. next year." was a simple farewell, reflecting a quiet self confidence rather than any attempt at prophecy.

The words, spoken with calm assurance, were those of a Raleigh County soldier on the eve of his departure for Southeast Asia last week. The COLLEGE BY COMPUTER NEW YORK (AP) Guid- ance counselors who are pressed for counseling time can now turn over the more routine aspects of college selections to a computer. An information-marketing organization, NISARC Computers, has devised a personalized computerized method of narrowing down the number of colleges to which a student might want to apply. And at the same time, the company's one-step computer will help the prospective college student's parents find a job, a home or a used automobile. Through the computerized counseling the guidance counselor is relieved of the suming task searching through college catalogs.

The computer does not replace the counselor. Once the computer makes its selection, the student goes over the choices with the Richard Sepkowski of 503 Maxwell Hill Road (right) recently served as a counselor at Keystone Boys State, an American Legion sponsored leadership camp. The camp BNC PRINTING Piedmont Boardings Break 1968 Record Piedmont Airlines set a new record in Raleigh County when they in transported 782 persons during June, breaking the old record of 767 set in 1968. Piedmont transported 2,958 pounds of air mail in June as well as 3.509 pounds of first class mail, 7,464 pounds of air express and 1,968 pounds of air freight for a total air cargo pay load of 15,899 pounds. GUNTHER'S SUPER MARKET 1210 South Kanawha St.

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Beckley Post-Herald from Beckley, West Virginia (2024)


What newspapers are in Beckley West Virginia? ›

Beckley Newspapers, a division of Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., publishes The Register-Herald and two weekly newspapers, The Fayette Tribune and The Montgomery Herald.

What is the phone number for Beckley Register Herald? ›

You may provide news tips by calling 304-255-4459 weekdays or 304-255-4461 evenings and weekends.

What is Beckley known for? ›

The city is sometimes called the "Smokeless Coal Capital", "The City of Champions" and the "Gateway To Southern West Virginia." During the presidential primaries of 1960, the vehicles of rivals John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey stopped at the same streetcorner in Beckley.

What state is Beckley in? ›

Beckley is a newly-defined Metropolitan Statistical Area that is made up of Fayette County and Raleigh County in West Virginia. Beckley, known as the "Smokeless Coal Capital", is best known for its two tourist attractions, the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, and the Tamarack, a showcase of Appalachian arts and crafts.

What kind of town is Beckley West Virginia? ›

Today, the city is a commercial hub in the middle of a largely rural area, making it a vital shopping center for folks from all over southern West Virginia.

What is the oldest newspaper in Virginia? ›

As the first newspaper (and the second, third, and fourth) published in Virginia, the Virginia Gazettes offer one of our richest windows onto the stories that Colonial Williamsburg tells. Read more about their history below, and explore their issues through the digital collections of the Colonial Williamsburg's John D.

How do I contact the Herald editor? ›

Complaints - Who to contact

Complaints and requests for editorial corrections or clarifications should be referred to the editor in the first instance, who can be contacted as follows:

How do I contact Gazette and Herald Chippenham? ›

If you have any problems, call the newsdesk on 01380 731681.

How do I contact the Daily Herald Utah? ›

Senior Managers
President and PublisherRona Rahlf801-344-2935
Executive EditorRandy Wright801-344-2913
Circulation DirectorStephen Kelsey801-344-2912
Advertising DirectorSarah Ehrmantraut801-344-2957
Retail Ad DirectorCraig Conover801-344-2947
6 more rows
Dec 13, 2007

Is Beckley a good place to live? ›

Beckley Reviews

Like most of WV, Beckley is a dying town with little to nothing to offer. The pros of living here are the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and New River Gorge, the extremely low cost of living, and the slow paced quiet nature of the town compared to other cities.

What is the ethnicity of Beckley West Virginia? ›

Beckley Demographics

White: 73.56% Black or African American: 17.22% Two or more races: 6.96%

Is Beckley, WV worth visiting? ›

This charming city is brimming with awesome things to do. Whether you're fond of seeing the sights or trying more action-packed activities, you'll find it hard to be bored here.

How much does it cost to live in Beckley West Virginia? ›

The total cost of housing, food, child care, transportation, health care, taxes, and other necessities for a single adult in Beckley is $36,951 a year — greater than the annual cost of living for West Virginia of $35,209 yet less than the national figure of $38,433.

How did Beckley WV get its name? ›

The town was founded by Gen. Alfred Beckley. He named the town for his father, John Beckley, the first clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives and the first Librarian of Congress.

Who was the founder of Beckley West Virginia? ›

Alfred Beckley (May 26, 1802 – May 26, 1888) was the founder of Beckley, West Virginia, and a brigadier general in the Virginia militia during the American Civil War. He named the city of Beckley in honor of his father, John James Beckley, who was the first librarian of the United States Congress.

What is the daily newspaper that is published in Charleston WV called? ›

Charleston Daily Mail

The Daily Mail was founded in 1914 by former Alaska Governor Walter Eli Clark and remained the property of his heirs until 1987. Governor Clark described the newspaper as an "independent Republican" publication.

What was the name of the first newspaper published in present day West Virginia? ›

The Eastern Panhandle was the birthplace of newspaper publishing in West Virginia. Three newspapers were founded there before 1800: the Potowmac Guardian and Berkeley Advertiser in Shepherdstown in 1790; the Impartial Observer in 1797 in Shepherdstown; and the Berkeley Intelligencer in 1799 in Martinsburg.

What is the name of the newspaper in Lynchburg VA? ›

Lynchburg News and Advance.

What is the largest newspaper in Virginia? ›

It was founded in 1865 and is the largest daily newspaper in Virginia. The Richmond Times-Dispatch (@RTDNEWS) — The Richmond Times-Dispatch was founded in 1903 and has won numerous awards for its journalism. It covers news and events in the capital city as well as the greater Virginia area.

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