Madigan Mastiffs (2024)

1. Madigan Mastiffs

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  • Mastiffs Pups raised in the home with love and affection, health testing and temperament testing behind all pups for several generations. There is information and adorable mastiff puppies with their new owners.

2. Madigan Mastiffs - Mastiff Breeders and Information

  • Often described as gentle giants, English Mastiffs weigh in at around 220 pounds or more and stand between 28 and 36 inches tall. Though ...

  • Mastiffs Pups raised in the home with love and affection. Health testing and temperament testing ...

Madigan Mastiffs - Mastiff Breeders and Information

3. The Love Starved Dogs - Facebook

  • Classic rock and more played by finest musicians in Dallas/Fort Worth. For booking contact Tim Madigan at

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

4. CH Madigans Doc Holiday - English bulldog pedigree database

  • CH Madigans Doc Holiday ; Residence country: USA ; Dog prefix: Madigans ; Owner prefix: Madigan Mastiffs ; Gender: Male ; Date of birth: 15.02.1999.

  • CH Nassau Tudor Max

5. Madigan Mastiffs -

Madigan Mastiffs -

6. Ch. Madigan's Doc Holiday -

  • Ch. Madigan's Doc Holiday OFA hips good, Elbows clear. Thyroid normal. Eyes CERF'd normal. Optigen PRA negative and cystinuria negative. DNA tested.

  •           Doc does not live with me nor do I own him.  I happened to be in a Petsmart one day and was fortunate enough to meet him and his owner when he was about a year old.  My show dog radar instantly went off and I asked her where she got him.  She told me they did buy him with the option to show but had decided to have him fixed instead.  In fact they were planning on having him fixed next week.  I told her to she may just want to wait on doing that.  She did and I began showing him early the next summer.  He finished in a handful of shows.  His dad, who has never shown before put most of his points on him including multiple breed wins over national ranked dogs.  Doc won back to back best of breeds  at the supported Bucks County Kennel Club and the Trenton Kennel Club for 2001.  He also took an Award of Merit this February at Westminster 2001.   Not only is he a sound example of type in our breed but he has a wonderful temperament as well. His owners are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and are now huge dog show addicts as well. Doc is tested

7. Madigan Mastiffs -

  • Lake Ariel, PA. 1 2 3 4 5. Breeds. Mastiff. Madigan Mastiffs. Reviews 0; Contact; My Site. Email Madigan Mastiffs. Want to message Madigan Mastiffs?

  • Your place to search, rate, and review the breeder community

Madigan Mastiffs -

8. Madigan Mastiffs -

  • Mastiffs Pups raised in the home with love and affection. Health testing and temperament testing ...

Madigan Mastiffs -

9. Mastiff - InfoDog

  • By Kasmira's Kendra - Ch Madigan's Doc Holiday. Owner: Tina Streeter, Naples, FL 34120. Breeder: Susan E McQueen. (Susan E McQueen, Agent). MASTIFFS. Puppy ...

  • InfoDog offers an exclusive database (and search utilities) of current and historical AKC Dog Show

Mastiff - InfoDog

10. CH Sol's Pedigree - Mountainview Mastiffs

  • Madigan's Flaming Hera. CH Celtic Garth Of Dujon's. Madigans Flaming Raven. Mountainviews Piece Of My Heart "SOL" 4/25/14. CH Mountainviews Because. "Abbey". CH ...

  • CH Mountainviews Because

11. Mastiff Pedigree Database

  • Mastiffs, also known as English Mastiffs, are very large in size. Males can ... Madigan's Doc Holiday. Mastiff. Brindle. CH. Nassau Tudor Max. CH. Lionsire Misty ...

  • Pedigree Online's Mastiff database offers free reports for Mastiffs. It's also free to add your dogs pedigees to our site.

12. CH Nassau Tudor Max - English bulldog pedigree database

  • Name: Nassau Tudor Max. Breed: MASTIFF. Residence country: USA. Dog prefix: Nassau. Owner prefix: Madigan Mastiffs. Gender: Male. Date of birth: 24.04.1996.

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13. Ch. Nassau Tudor Max - Mastiffs

  • Published Offspring: ; Annuskemunnica Hannah OFAf27 Dujon's Dream Weaver Dujon's Lucille Madigan's Big Beautiful Zeus ; Madigan Cuppa Tea OFAe24 ; Ch. Madigan's ...

  • Max is a Champion as of 8/1/97 and received an Award Of Merit (AOM) in Westminster 2/98. His picture is on He was shown on Martha Stewart's show in relation to Westminster. He was also on cable TV 13 - Blue Ridge - Coffee Break with Kim Bell. Max has an excellent temperament. Extremely friendly and loves children.

14. Hall of Fame - Mastiff Club of America

  • ... Madigan's Doc Holiday 2006- Ch. Caledonia's Second Promise Ch. Southports Northern Lights Ch. Foxglove Spirit of Eldorado Ch. Sandkastles BF Goodrich Ch ...

  • In order for your dog to qualify for the Hall of Fame (HOF) award, the following criteria must be met:Dogs:Sire of ten (10) AKC Champion offspring.Bitches:Dam

15. Ivan - Fireside Mastiffs

  • Multi BIS, Multi BISS, Ch. Lazy D's Family Tradition, CGC. Ch. Madigan's Doc Holiday. Ch. Nassau Tudor Max. Majestiks Warlords Warrior. Nassau Sounds Bailey ...

  • Mastiff Breeder, Stoughton Wisconson

16. The Dog Fancier's Complete Resource for information about ... - InfoDog

  • Owner: Bernardette I Madigan & James J Madigan, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. Breeder: Bernardette I Madigan & Diane L Tribby. (Brandon Golzak, Agent). MASTIFFS.

  • InfoDog offers an exclusive database (and search utilities) of current and historical AKC Dog Show

The Dog Fancier's Complete Resource for information about ... - InfoDog

17. Retail 83781748 - Mastiff breeder in Lake Ariel, PA

  • We have produced some of the top champions in the Mastiff World.Ch Madigans Doc Holliday,Ch Madigans Pilgrim Of Plymouth,Ch Madigans Oki Sama,and others.

  • Retail 83781748, Mastiff breeder, Mastiff puppies, Mastiff breeder in Lake Ariel, PA, Mastiff puppies for sale in Lake Ariel, PA

18. Deacon Blues - Thousand Oaks Mastiffs

  • Deacon – Texarkana – Group 3 ; Ch. Eastwind's Ivory Hotcider · Ch. Eastwinds Badabing · Madigan's Flaming Hera ; Ch. Thousand Oaks Mattie Mae, Ch. Thousand Oaks ...

  • GCh. Thousand Oaks Deacon Blues

19. Gallery 5 - Flying W Farms American Mastiffs

  • Dakota 03 · Shine & Bella Breeze · IzzyElizabell VElizabell V Aka Izzy · Churchill · Dozer B · Madigan · Murdock · Chubacca Chubacca W · Rachael · Bailey 2 ...

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